HTML Definition Lists

Definition lists, represented by the <dl> (definition list), <dt> (term), and <dd> (description) elements, are used to display a list of terms and their corresponding definitions. In this HTML tutorial, we will explore the usage of definition lists and provide examples to demonstrate their application.

Introduction to Definition Lists

Definition lists are designed to present terms and their explanations in a structured and easy-to-read format. They are particularly useful for glossaries, dictionaries, metadata, and any scenario where terms need to be defined.

Basic Syntax

Here is the basic syntax for creating a definition list in HTML:

In this example, we have a definition list with two terms and their corresponding descriptions. Each term is represented by a <dt> element, and each description is represented by a <dd> element.

Multiple Descriptions for One Term

A term in a definition list can have multiple descriptions. This is useful when a term has multiple meanings or uses.

Code Examples

Here are examples of definition lists to illustrate different use cases:

Basic Definition List:

Definition List with Multiple Descriptions:


Definition lists, created using the <dl>, <dt>, and <dd> elements, provide a structured way to present terms and their explanations. Whether you’re building a glossary, a dictionary, or need to define terms on a web page, definition lists offer a clear and organized format. Understanding how to use definition lists is a valuable skill in web development, ensuring that your content is informative and easy to navigate.