HTML Blockquote Indenting

In this section of our HTML tutorial, we will explore how to use the <blockquote> element to create indented text. <blockquote> is a useful HTML element for quoting text, especially in situations where you want to distinguish quoted text from regular content.

Introduction to <blockquote>

The <blockquote> element is primarily used for indicating that a section of text is a quotation from another source. It not only indents the text but also conveys the meaning that the content within the element is quoted material. It is especially important in maintaining the credibility of your content, attributing sources, and improving readability.

Basic Syntax

Here is the basic syntax for using the <blockquote> element in HTML:

Using <cite> for Attribution

To attribute the source of the quotation, you can use the <cite> element within the <blockquote>. This adds a citation or reference to the original source of the quoted content.

Code Examples

Here are examples of using the <blockquote> element in HTML:

Basic <blockquote>:

<blockquote> with Attribution:


The <blockquote> element is a valuable tool for indenting and attributing quoted text. It serves to distinguish quoted material from regular content, contributing to the credibility and readability of your web pages. Whether you are quoting a famous saying, an excerpt from an article, or any other form of quoted content, understanding how to use <blockquote> is an essential skill for web development.