Exercise: Build a Web Page

In this HTML tutorial, you will apply your knowledge by creating a more complex web page from scratch using HTML. We’ll provide detailed exercises and code examples to guide you through the process. These exercises will challenge you to structure content, style your page, and incorporate various HTML elements effectively.


Building a web page from the ground up is a valuable skill for web developers and designers. With HTML as the foundation, you can create sophisticated web pages. Let’s dive into more advanced exercises to deepen your understanding.

Exercise 1: Create a Complex Structure

Build a comprehensive HTML structure for your web page. Include multiple sections, headers, footers, and navigation elements. Here’s a snippet to get you started:

Exercise 2: Advanced Text Formatting

Experiment with advanced text formatting elements, such as <blockquote>, <mark>, and <sub>. Use CSS to style them for a professional look.

Exercise 3: Complex Lists

Create nested lists, both ordered and unordered. Incorporate list items with varying styles and designs.

Exercise 4: Media Integration

Embed multiple images, including responsive images using the <picture> element. Add video with controls and captions.

Exercise 5: Forms with Validation

Develop a multi-step form with validation and error messages. Utilize various input types, such as date pickers and sliders.

Exercise 6: CSS Styling

Apply advanced CSS techniques for responsive design. Use flexbox or CSS Grid to create dynamic layouts.

Exercise 7: Interactive Elements

Incorporate interactive elements like accordions, tabs, or image sliders using HTML and CSS or JavaScript.

Exercise 8: Tables with Data

Build a complex table to display and style tabular data effectively. Add sorting and filtering functionality if desired.

Exercise 9: Audio and Video Playlists

Create playlists for both audio and video elements. Include controls, playlists, and descriptions.


Completing these advanced exercises demonstrates your proficiency in HTML and web development. You can now create complex and interactive web pages that are both visually appealing and user-friendly. As you continue your journey, consider enhancing your skills with CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies to create even more dynamic and engaging websites.